Autumn’s Twilight Years

Autumn’s Twilight Years

Blog by Sue Winder

Cold rain poured down from the sky the day they
dropped her off. A couple was surrendering their 20
year old cat. Certainly, there are legitimate situations
in which beloved pets may need a new home, but,
sadly, this did not appear to be one of them. We at
Hallie Hill believe that pets are family, so this
‘surrender of convenience’ was hard for us to accept
and watch, but at least we knew that Autumn would
be loved and well cared for with us, for however
long she had left in this world.

We wondered how this poor Old Lady Kitty would
adapt to Hallie Hill. Autumn made herself comfortable
in Hallie Hill’s main office. She had frequent visitors. One in particular, Ellie, fell in love
with this beautiful, soft and quiet feline. Many questions were asked about her and then a new
idea was formed – fostering! Ellie was clearly in love with this old gal and wanted her to have a
nice home where she would be comfortable and loved for the remainder of her life. Autumn of
course agreed this was a wonderful idea, had her bags packed, and was ready to go! She had been
at Hallie Hill for about 5 months when she moved in with Ellie.

Life at Ellie’s was fantastic. Autumn had the run of the whole house but had a few places she
made her own. One was on a special blanket placed carefully on the couch. From there she could
see what was happening all around her. She was spoiled with fancy treats and snacks. Gourmet
meals were placed in front of her to ravish. Nary was an insect seen, a rodent running or a snake
slithering near Autumn’s castle. She was clearly
the Queen! Autumn and Ellie’s lives were both
greatly enriched by each other’s company. There
was always a story to share regarding Autumn’s
exploits. The decision to foster worked out perfectly
for all. Autumn gave Ellie (and visa versa)
unconditional love that lasted 3 more years.

Everyone should know how special it is to adopt
a senior cat or dog. Older pets who are surrendered
or dumped at a shelter or rescued from bad
situations deserve to enjoy their last years in
peace, quiet, and comfort. Don’t we all want
that? Not only for our pets, but also for ourselves
as well? Senior animals have so much love to
give. Maybe even more than a younger animal, because many have spent their lives in the company
of people and know how good (or bad) it can be!

If you are looking for unconditional love, consider fostering or adopting an older animal. They
may have most of their years behind them, but you can make their final years the best of their

Visit our Adoption Page here to adopt one of Hallie Hill’s precious animals.

Our August Wishlist

Our August Wishlist

Wondering how you can help Hallie Hill this summer? Check out our August Wish List and get involved!

1. Volunteer!
Click here to learn more about Volunteering at Hallie Hill.

2. Donate to the MAGIC Fund (Medical and Geriatric Intensive Care) by check or online.

3. Check out our Hallie Hill Wishlist on

4. Consumables we need all of the time!

Laundry Detergent or Bleach Cinder blocks
Trash Bags
Canned Dog Food
Disinfecting Wipes or Cleaning Supplies
Leaf Rakes
Paper Plates and Paper Towels
Friskies wet cat food
Gently used lawn chairs
Dry cat food
Office Supplies
Sidewalk Pavers
Garden Hoses
Shakable Ant Poison
Bottled water for volunteers
Laundry Detergent
Hose Nozzl

Make ‘Em Smile!

Make ‘Em Smile!

You asked for it, and we’ve made it happen! You can now support the dogs and cats of Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary by shopping on Amazon!

Start shopping with Amazon Smile and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to Hallie Hill. Sign in and get started at

Your Spare Change Can Change a Life

Your Spare Change Can Change a Life

Pennies for Pets

We all have a stash of spare change. When you donate yours to Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary, you make a huge difference in the lives of many animals. Post a picture of you and your Hallie Hill change to our social media pages to help spread the word!


Change Drop Off Locations:
SC Federal Credit Union Main Branch
6265 Rivers Avenue North Charleston 29406

West Ashley Veterinary Clinic
840 St Andrews Blvd Charleston 29407

Sticky Fingers
341 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.
Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

Hallie Hill
5604 New Rd Hollywood 29449

Pennies for Pets Jars will also be available for purchase for $5 at Hallie Hill to collect your change in style and continue to support Hallie Hill!

You’re Never too Old for Love

You’re Never too Old for Love

Elder Pet Adoption Spotlight

We all age. Every day, every week, every month and year. The same is true for our pets! Many people take great care of their animals until they day they say goodbye to them. But sadly, there are people who surrender their senior pets. They trade in an ailing dog or feeble cat for something new and young, a puppy or kitten. Hallie Hill is an Animal Sanctuary, which is sanctuary is a place of refuge or safety. We take in the older dogs and cats as we are able and have space. The animals we take in will always have a home here. It is so sad to see an animal arrive, frightened and confused. We do our best to love them for as long as they are with us. But then, there are the unselfish acts of those who look for and adopt the aged ones.

I asked Kaydee, who adopted a senior pet from Hallie Hill, to share her story. Kaydee opened her heart to an aged cat named Dot. Dot is probably in her teens. She has only 1 or 2 teeth left. She had come in from the outside cat pens to be an “office cat”. Kaydee says, “Dot is the oldest cat that we have ever adopted, and she is spectacular!!! She is by far the kindest cat to every member of the family. She allows my youngest child to carry her around, something I was very worried about for Dots safety in the beginning. With reassurance from Dana and Jennifer that Dot would be able to jump high to get away if needed, and that if Dot was not the right fit for our home, she would be welcome again at Hallie Hill, we decided to bring her home. I was worried that Dot at her senior age may not feel comfortable leaving her friends and her office at Hallie Hill and adapting to a new environment. I thought that she may prefer the quite home of retired persons. I was wrong, she fits into our young family perfectly! She is full of energy and loves to play with bouncy balls. She carries them in her nearly toothless mouth to the top of the stairs and drops them down and chases them all around the house. She follows us outside for dog walks. She has made our house her own, with a spot on each bed and chair as she follows the sun around the house. When it’s mealtime, Dot is the first to keep me company as I cook and always happy for a handout around the table. She is always wanting to be in someone’s lap and even adores my two year old. What was most surprising to me is that a senior cat such as Dot, with only one tooth left in her mouth and missing a claw on her left hind paw, has so much beautiful fun energy and love to share with our family! I hope everyone will take the time to visit adult and elderly animals and give them a try in their home.”

Hallie Hill has a large selection of older pets (10+ years old). You can visit our website and look through the dogs and cats seeking a home of their own. View our dogs up for adoption View our cats up for adoption. If you find one you are interested in, please fill out an application. Then follow up with a phone call to make an appointment to meet the dog or cat and interview with Jennifer, our Director. (843) 889-3713 or (843) 200-4120. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Visit from the British Car Club of Charleston

Visit from the British Car Club of Charleston

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June, the British Car Club of Charleston (BCCC) had the chance to visit Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary! We loved having them visit us and their annual picnic was an honor to host. Members had a fabulous lunch and then had the chance to tour the Hallie Hill property.

Thanks so much to the BCCC members for a wonderful afternoon spent in your company. The animal-loving BCCC members were very impressed by the grounds and the mission of Hallie Hill, and we can’t wait to continue our work with them!