Dinner with Peter Zheutlin

Dinner with Peter Zheutlin

We were overjoyed to have New York Times Bestselling Author Peter Zheutlin visit the sanctuary. He also joined us for a night of delicious food and story telling. We are so grateful for you, Peter!

Woofstock 2020 Recap

Woofstock 2020 Recap

We had SUCH a wonderful time at Lowcountry Dog Magazine’s Woofstock!

Here are some photos from the event.



Microchips are so very important. They ensure that your animal can make its way home if they were to ever be lost.

Concerned about cost? Find a low-cost or free option in your area by searching google: “Low Cost or Free Microchipping [your city]”.

Hunting Dogs – An Opportunity for Dialogue

Hunting Dogs – An Opportunity for Dialogue

Psst… happy photos and video of these same dogs at the bottom of the page!
We were contacted several weeks ago about a group of Beagles. The owner was no longer able to care for them, and a family member reached out to us asking that they be picked up. What is shown here is where the Beagles were living. *In sharing this video, we do not wish to scold or embarrass the previous owner.* We do think, however, that this may be a good opportunity to educate and possibly move toward a shift in hunting culture. Many sportsmen take excellent care of their dogs, and treat them like family. Some, however, treat their dogs as tools – often not giving them names, not providing adequate healthcare, nor a living space that allows the dogs to thrive.

This made us think about how one might start a conversation with members of the community, in the hopes of raising the quality of care for hunting dogs.

Here are some ideas for what can be talked about when having that conversation with a sportsman who may be open to change.

Building a Relationship with your Hunting Dog

Creating a bond with your dog strengthens their mental toughness, and helps them to gain trust with you. Instilling fear weakens your bond, and therefore weakens obedience as well.
Learn More / Resource: Gun Association

Walking your Hunting Dog

Walking together strengthens your bond – meaning better communication when hunting.
Learn More / Resource: The Hunting Dog

Exploring with your Hunting Dog

Getting out and exploring with your dog – even if it is not hunting season, can improve bonding as well. It also keeps your dogs in shape year-round. Chaining and small runs don’t allow the dog to flex their hunting skills in the way they need to to train.
Learn More / Resources: The Hunting Dog + Gun Dog Magazine

Spay and Neuter

Simply put, spaying and neutering can prevent unwanted litters. Most areas have free or low-cost spay/neuter. There are misconceptions surrounding neutering hunting dogs – neutering does not effect the performance of the dog – training and a strong bond do.
Learn More / Resource: Valhalla Hunt Club
Again, there are many sportsmen who treat their hunting dogs with immense love and care. We trust that these hunters will continue advocating for the fair treatment of these dogs.


Ideas for making change:

1. Build a relationship with local hunters who take pride in how they care for their dogs – and want to see other sportsmen improve their bond to their dogs. Host a gathering for local hunters to get together and share best hunting practices.

2. Find a dog trainer who has knowledge on training dogs for hunting – team up to hold a free training class for local hunters.

3. Remain open-minded, be open to having conversations – and listen!



See the below photos and video to see some of these same beagles enjoying their new lives in loving homes.

Bridge the Gap 2020

Bridge the Gap 2020

Bridge the Gap
Between Homeless Animals & Forever Homes
Cooper River Bridge Run | April 11, 2020

When you contribute to our runners’ fundraising pages, you are helping the 200+ animals of Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary
While we are no stranger to surgeries at the sanctuary, we have had many recently. This includes orthopedic surgeries for 3 of our dogs.

Please consider contributing to our cause today!

Support our runners here!

A New Year Letter from our Executive Director

A New Year Letter from our Executive Director

A New Year Letter from our Executive Director, Jennifer Middleton

Last year was a wonderful year for Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary! In January 2019 our starting population was 222 animals (including the feral cats). We took in a total of 143 new dogs and cats throughout the year, so a total of 365 animals benefited from either long or short-term sanctuary with us in 2019! This may not sound like a super high number, but one must remember, since we are focusing on animals who are less adoptable due to age, health, or behavioral issues, the sanctuary is not an outcome-based operation! Being a sanctuary means we are prepared to offer every animals we accept a life-long home, if needed!

This year was packed with many community events including Putting for Paws, the Cooper River Bridge Run, Laps for Love and Barktoberfest, but there was always something exciting happening within our gates as well! We started new training protocols for our valuable volunteers and hosted many volunteer days for groups such as Charles River Laboratories, Roper St Francis, and Veterinary Specialty Care. Hallie Hill welcomed celebrity guests such as The Asher House and KC Doubletake. We visited local elementary, middle and high schools to provide valuable humane education. Our adoptable dogs and cats were featured on our local television channels 2 (NBC), 4(ABC), and 24 (FOX) as well as the nationally broadcasted Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show and Subaru’s Make A Dog’s Day campaign!

Hallie Hill would like to thank the staff, volunteers, and donors who provide the incredible support that makes the sanctuary the very special place that it is! It is because of YOU that we can continue to provide a safe haven for animals in need!

We at Hallie Hill wish you, and your treasured pets, a very happy and healthy 2020!

Mount Pleasant Magazine Article

Mount Pleasant Magazine Article

The wonderfully talented and giant-hearted Jeanne Taylor wrote a beautiful article about the sanctuary in the January/February edition of Mount Pleasant Magazine. The piece was accompanied by her gorgeous photos – we hope you will check it out!

Read the article here.