Cat Adoption

Cat Adoption

Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary is a safe-haven near Charleston, SC providing love and care – and, when needed, a forever home – to over 200 animals.

When you adopt a cat from Hallie Hill you will be fully informed of their health status and any medical requirements they may have. All of our animals are spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated. If you are interested in adopting a cat, please submit the Cat Adoption Application found in the right hand column of the web page.

Please note:
We conduct meet + greets and adoptions by appointment only. We do not do same-day adoptions.
Take the first step by filling out an adoption application.

If you can’t adopt a cat now but would like to help by donating to the daily care of the animals at Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary, please click the Donate button.

Why Adopt a Rescue Cat?

Adopting a rescued cat from our Charleston, SC area animal sanctuary is an act of kindness and practicality. Not only can you get a wonderful little friend to bring home, you can save money in the process over buying from a breeder AND you are saving the life of a kitty who might otherwise be forgotten and put down. To adopt is to show compassion and love, and Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary wants to help you find your next forever friend.


How Much Does It Cost To Keep A Cat?

Having a cat does not have to be crazy expensive. In your first year you migh have additional immunizations and medical fees, along with things like a litter box, travel bag, and other accessories. You can expect to spend between $1000-$1500 in your first year and depending on food choices around $500 annually after that. 

Do Cats Bite To Show Affection?

Cats will gently nibble to show affection, but if they are biting hard it is likely that they are suffering from over stimulation. It might be best to try and remove some of the more exciting elements to see if they calm down.