Dog Adoption

Dog Adoptions near Charleston, SC

Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill animal shelter near Charleston, SC promoting furever adoptions and providing community education about the benefits of dog adoption.

When you adopt a dog from Hallie Hill you will be fully informed of their health status and any medical requirements they may have. All of our animals are spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated. If you are interested in adopting a dog, please submit the Dog Adoption Application found in the right hand column of the web page. You may also contact us to schedule a meet and greet before submitting your application. To schedule an appointment at our dog adoption shelter contact us at 843-889-3713.

*For the safety and security of the animals in our care, we do not do same-day-adoptions. This allows us to fully review the adopter and adoptee to assure that there are no circumstances that prevent a positive match between the two.


If you can’t adopt a dog now but would like to help by donating to the daily care of the animals at Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary, click the Donate button. You may also help by fostering a dog, providing love, care, and shelter to a dog in need.

Why Adopt a Rescue Dog?

There are many reasons to adopt a rescue dog rather than going to a breeder. You are helping to save the lives of animals who might have been through horrible experiences, and need nothing more than a loving home. Adopting a resuce dog from our Charleston, SC area animal sanctuary also helps to avoid dealing with over zealous breeders and gives a second chance at life for doggies that would otherwise be forgotten and put down. 

What Should You Keep In Mind When Adopting a Dog?

When you adopt a dog you are saving an innocent animal’s life. The kindness and compassion showed are amazing, but you need to keep a few things in mind when adopting a dog:

1. Assume the dog is not house trained. Many animals come from horrible conditions, bad owners, or even have lived outdoors. They need your patience and love to help train them to become amazing pets. 

2. Meeting new people & going new places might be hard. Your new fur buddy might be completely comfortable around you after a short time, but they could be very protective if they meet other people or dogs, and might not like riding in cars. Make sure to show patience with them, and sometimes a good harness and leash are needed to take them out. 

3. Make sure to play with them, get them lots of exercise, and show them plenty of attention. These poor pups have likely gone through abuse or mistreatment, and keeping their mind at ease with plenty of play and exercise, along with lots of love and attention, is going to be very helpful to them long term.