Small Animal Adoption

Small Animal Adoption

If you are interested in giving one of our small animals a home, please fill out this form.
Submission of this form is required for both adoption and meet and greets. Thank you!


  • Species: Rabbit
  • Approximate date of birth: 5/27/19
  • Sex: Female
  • Penelope came to us under-socialized, and will do best with only older children who understand that gaining her trust will take patience. Penelope, like most rabbits, does not like to be held. She loves nibbling on carrots and apple slices as a treat! She would love to hop her way into your home!
  • Experience with rabbits preferred, but not required.

Thelma + Louise

  • Species: Sugar Gliders
  • Approximate date of birth: 11/21/16
  • Sex: Female (both)
  • Thelma + Louise came to us a bit under-socialized, and not very trusting of people. With some patience and lots of love, these little ones will form a bond with you. Sugar gliders are nocturnal, and as such will prefer a dark environment (can be as simple as a blanket over their cage) and sleep during the day.
  • These little ladies can be adopted separately or together.
  • Experience with sugar gliders preferred, but not required.